Digital Marketing, Hybrid Marketing, Selling Printing

The world is constantly changing, and consumers are demanding more information than ever before. While traditional marketing has always been effective in reaching out to customers, the advent of digital marketing provided more channels to connect with customers. However, combining the two approaches has the potential of driving more results. Hybrid marketing involves mixing and matching traditional marketing approaches with digital ones to achieve a more effective and extensive outreach plan.

Traditional Marketing

Simply put, traditional marketing refers to any form of marketing or advertising that is not online. This ranges from print, broadcast, phone, and direct mail, to outdoor advertising. In other words, traditional marketing helps brands in reaching targeted audiences offline.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is also known as online marketing. This is a form of marketing or advertising done over the internet. It involves promoting a brand and its products using the internet and other types of digital communication channels to reach potential customers. The common forms of digital marketing include social media, email, text, and web-based advertising.


Enter Hybrid Marketing

Hybrid marketing allows you to combine both traditional and digital marketing channels. Often confused with or referred to as multi-channel, Omni-channel, or Opti-channel marketing, HOWEVER, hybrid marketing comprises fluid approaches to promote a product, service, or brand. Setting up such marketing plans involves understanding your audience and developing approaches that will appeal to them the most. Thus, we need to consider:

  1. The message you want to share
  2. Your target audience
  3. Where they spend most of their time (both in-person and online)
  4. Where you are most likely to reach them
  5. The outcome the plan will achieve
  6. Ways of Measuring the campaign results

Every marketing touchpoint you utilize in hybrid marketing should appeal to your target audience in one way or another. You focus on reaching customers who are normally accustomed to traditional marketing while appealing to evolving digital marketing.

Hybrid Marketing Best Practices

  • Consistent Branding – In hybrid marketing, your messages will be spread across multiple and varied platforms. You need to ensure that the brand is consistent and that the target audience feels that the messages are from the same place. Choose consistent colors, tones, fonts, and other elements that allow the audience to recognize your brand.
  • Seamless Experiences – Despite using different platforms, your customers should feel connected and united. Examine how your in-person and online marketing touchpoints interact with each other to ensure that the experience flows seamlessly. Whatever the customers see online should be the same as when they see it physically at your store.
  • Platform-specific Content – Your messages should not just be consistent across platforms, but also feel nature in their environment. Taking content from one content and re-using it in another will not do your marketing efforts any good. You need to consider the nuances of every platform and adjust the content to match that medium.
  • Data Collection at Each Touchpoint – Data plays a critical role in helping you achieve the goals of your marketing campaigns. Make effort to collect data from prospects you meet in person or online connection. Add them to your customer relationship management (CRM) system to ensure they are always connected to your brand.

Grow Your ROI with Printers Digital Agency

Your customers have different needs and approaches to the consumption of information. In an era where both traditional and digital marketing approaches are most effective, printing companies that use a hybrid approach will be more suited to succeed. Impressorium allows printers to improve and augment their business model by utilizing both printing and digital marketing solutions. Exclusively built for printers by printers, the agency empowers printing partners to access the digital marketing space and boost their profitability as much as possible.