Digital Marketing, Hybrid Marketing, Selling Printing

In a fast-paced market and with increased competition and a lack of materials for printing companies, traditional marketing strategies may not always work. On the contrary, your company is more likely to benefit from hybrid marketing, which combines both traditional printing and digital marketing tactics. By merging offline printing with online tactics, you get a holistic marketing strategy that engages and communicates better with the audience. It increases voice in your market, allowing you to boost your sales, and your clients to boost their sales in a hybrid-marketing evolving world.

Why Printers Need Hybrid Marketing

Implementing a hybrid marketing strategy is beneficial to printers in several ways, at the same time it requires a change in mindset, a new and different approach will help your company stand out amongst your competition. At Impressorium, we help printing companies understand the concept of hybrid marketing, sales training, implementation, and product fulfillment.  Your company will create value both online and offline and the best way to maximize the consumer experience, more importantly, your bottom line.

Examples of Hybrid Marketing Tactics

  • Sending direct mail with QR codes, at the same time an email that directs them to a landing page tied to an article or video content, and then continuing the cycle.
  • Outdoor media large format displays with a QR code or website link that directs prospects to a landing page.
  • Participating in an exhibition or trade show using Web-AR for engagement to encourage online sign-ups for data mining and using marketing automation for follow-up.
  • Anonymously collect consumer information at a physical location/store/brick-and-mortar and send both direct mail, email, and retargeting them once they get home.

Develop a Hybrid Marketing Strategy with Impressorium

Developing a hybrid marketing strategy can be a challenge, especially without a proper background in both traditional and digital marketing approaches. At Impressorium, we aim at helping printing companies build and implement a strategy within your local market, and beyond. Contact us today and let’s talk about how to transform your company into hybrid marketing.