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360 Smart Data -​ Anonymous Web Visitor ID​

Our 360SmartData, our groundbreaking marketing technology sets us apart. We identify website visitors and their interests, enabling hyper-targeting of the most conversion-prone audience. Backed by recent neuromarketing studies, our approach ensures precision in reaching the right customers for optimal results.​


1. Enhanced Audience Targeting: Our marketing technology accurately identifies website visitors and analyzes their interests, enabling us to hyper-target the audience that is most likely to convert.​
2. Improved Conversion Rates: By delivering personalized messages to the right customers, our approach significantly enhances conversion rates for clients, maximizing their marketing efforts.​
3. Cost Efficiency: With a focus on targeting the most relevant and receptive audience, clients can optimize their marketing budget and achieve higher returns on investment.​
4. Scientifically Grounded Strategy: Our hyper-targeting methodology is backed by the latest findings in neuromarketing, ensuring that clients benefit from data-driven insights to drive impactful marketing campaigns.​

Our Approach

The Conclusion

This integrated approach combining cutting-edge technology with personalized direct mail brings immense value to clients. By gaining deep insights into visitor behavior and precisely targeting their needs, we achieve higher engagement and increased conversions. Clients experience enhanced marketing effectiveness, innovative solutions, and a significant return on investment. It’s the perfect tactic to send out direct mail after a website visit.​