Training Academy

In a world where hybrid marketing transformation is the new normal, we’re here to help you understand the skills, know-how, and behaviors you need to reach new customers in the moments that matter, accelerate growth, and create a sustainable competitive edge.

Sales strategy

Sales strategies are unique to the printing industry and certainly with hybrid marketing, together we determine your best target audience. Identifying your local market beyond the obvious, based on your current client base, and local market buying patterns.

Resource Center

Our universal library containing the best selling practices and insights for both printing and digital marketing’s newest and emerging technologies. Sourced topics and selling opportunities latest tips from varied industries, and the lastest marketing trends.

Analytics Strategy

We teach your sales team how to understand and use Google Analytics to sell by analyzing website traffic, and also to prove the campaign performance. Optimizing data-driven actionable decisions, to successfully get the sale and the renewals.

AI Campaign Creation

AI-powered campaign development guided by expert strategists who work collaboratively to create custom hybrid campaigns, we provide 1-to-1 sales support, delivering optimal results for your clients. which ensures seamless campaign renewals for higher ROI.

Transparent Reporting

Your branded dashboard is accessible 24/7 for your sales team, and direct access to your clients provides real-time views of campaign performance. We provide complete transparency reporting of campaign pacing, delivery, and COST.

Our Successful Transformation Process

Why We Do It…​

Like the River of Life we work upstream to live with the current

Hybrid marketing is a game-changer for printing companies, enabling them to offer a wider range of marketing solutions to their clients. By combining print and digital strategies, they can increase customer satisfaction, attract new business opportunities, and stay ahead of the competition.​

The best of Everything

We Deliver on Expertise, Creativity & Commitment with Vision.

We believe in unabated collaboration; this is where vision becomes reality. Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. —Joel A. Barker

Our Expertise

It is our deep understanding of print and digital marketing expertise that makes us the industry leader in hybrid marketing transformations.

Our Creativity

Generational thinking of old and new innovative tactics with a creative approach is how we will achieve your competitive advantage.

Our Commitment

Our successful team is committed to our print partners for them to provide both offline and online marketing solutions.

About Us

At Impressorium, we empower printing companies with the tools and knowledge they need to thrive in the modern era of marketing. We provide comprehensive sales training and cutting-edge digital marketing solutions, specifically tailored for printers. Our mission is to help printing companies expand their offerings, reach new customers, and grow their businesses with confidence.​

Creating a World Class Solution for Printing Companies

Stephen M. Spilsbury is a renowned expert in Hybrid Marketing for the printing industry, with over two decades of experience. An owner, consultant and speaker, he assists printing companies of all sizes to blend traditional printing and digital marketing strategies together, achieving maximum impact for today’s new selling process.

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