What your customers are buying, just not from you.

For several years now, mostly every media company nationwide, which includes radio stations, TV stations, newspaper publishers, and magazine publications alike, has dramatically increased their advertising revenue simply by selling online digital advertising services to their clients in every local market, (this includes your current clients).

While traditional media advertising is still widely used and very effective, digital advertising provides business customers expanded opportunity and exposure, (beyond the printing you currently provide them) with reach into a wider target audience. 

Even with such common developments of digital marketing commonly purchased, printing companies have yet to embrace and realize their unique advantage simply by offering online digital marketing services to their current clients, prospective clients, and beyond.

Selling Hybrid Marketing Solutions

If all you offer your clients (and use to solicit new prospects), is a full array of printing services, then somehow digital marketing solutions have missed your radar. These are the services you should also be providing, if not, you are simply missing out on the opportunity to increase your profitability with the most competitive differentiator. Many printing companies now embrace and use online marketing for their own advertising efforts, while this is fine; our focus is on providing your sales team with the training needed to succeed in today’s new hybrid selling markets.

We provide the training for your sales team to acquire digital product knowledge and be educated in best practices for selling printing and digital marketing together, coupled with a managed distribution channel and external team for them to rely on, mark it up, then sit back and let us do the work for you.

Our core task is to help your printing company sell more printing by incorporating the use of selling digital marketing at the same time (to the same clients). Imagine your business as a marketing company, one that produces offline printing and offers online digital marketing solutions packaged for your clients to grow their business, in conclusion, together we grow YOUR business.

Why Us?

Impressorium, Inc. was founded to bridge this gap and assist printing companies who have the desire and commitment to take full advantage of their local market by selling a complete array of both printing and digital marketing solutions. This allows printers to improve their current business model, making them better prepared as we face the increased fragmentation of printing budgets.

Our company is a true white-label digital fulfillment agency built exclusively for printers by printers. Our services allow our printing partners access to the digital marketing space, which enjoys three times the profitability when compared to normal commercial print production ROI.

As printers, we must focus on our core business, turning out impressions, as we strive to maintain and serve our existing customers’ needs for marketing materials, printed collateral, direct mail, signage, and more.

Additionally, printers must get educated (or face being left behind) about online marketing solutions, and best tactics, learn the selling expertise to complement your offline printing services, and increase your profitability with increased value-added.

Many of our brothers and sisters in printing were at the forefront including large format printing, in-house mailing, letterpress, VDP, and more; the absence of digital marketing services can no longer be ignored as it is the next logical and most profitable step for future growth.

We Deliver on Expertise, Creativity & Commitment with Vision.

We believe in unabated collaboration; this is where vision becomes reality. Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world. —Joel A. Barker

Training Academy

In a world where hybrid marketing transformation is the new normal, we’re here to help you understand the skills, know-how, and behaviors you need to reach new customers in the moments that matter, accelerate growth, and create a sustainable competitive edge.

Sales strategy

Sales strategies are unique to the printing industry and certainly with hybrid marketing, together we determine your best target audience. Identifying your local market beyond the obvious, based on your current client base, and local market buying patterns.

Resource Center

Our universal library containing the best selling practices and insights for both printing and digital marketing’s newest and emerging technologies. Sourced topics and selling opportunities latest tips from varied industries, and the lastest marketing trends.

Analytics Strategy

We teach your sales team how to understand and use Google Analytics to sell by analyzing website traffic, and also to prove the campaign performance. Optimizing data-driven actionable decisions, to successfully get the sale and the renewals.

AI Campaign Creation

AI-powered campaign development guided by expert strategists who work collaboratively to create custom hybrid campaigns, we provide 1-to-1 sales support, delivering optimal results for your clients. which ensures seamless campaign renewals for higher ROI.

Transparent Reporting

Your branded dashboard is accessible 24/7 for your sales team, and direct access to your clients provides real-time views of campaign performance. We provide complete transparency reporting of campaign pacing, delivery, and COST.

It’s The Right Time For The Right Solution.

We don’t have a magic pill, there is no secret sauce, we offer a partnership, one designed for your entrepreneurial spirit, reviving the reasons you chose printing as your career.

Are You Committed to Succeeding?

What was your vision of how you would handle uncertain times and lost revenue?

Be What You Envision

Stop competing for every single job, become unique and invaluable to your clients. establish your superiority.

Looking for Cash-Flow Stabilization?

Profitability is variable based on receivables, creating challenges for payables.

No Terms Here

Digital marketing services enjoy “pay as you go” as normal payment terms. Residual income balances out cash flow and allows better financial stability.

Competitive Differentiation

Strategic positioning distinguishing your company apart from your competitors.

Surpassing The Competition

Embracing hybrid marketing solutions separates you from your competition, eliminates your pricing comparisons, increases your profitability

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