The Ice Cream Strategy: A Refreshing Approach to Sales in the Digital Age

usiness person in Las Vegas carrying a box of ice cream bars with dry ice smoke, representing unique sales strategy
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The Ice Cream Strategy: A Refreshing Approach to Sales in the Digital Age



Making Your Mark in the Digital Printing Landscape

In a world where digital marketing often overshadows traditional methods, standing out in the printing industry requires not just skill but also a dash of creativity. I’m Stephen Spilsbury, and I’d like to share a personal story that illustrates this perfectly – an experience I fondly call the ‘Ice Cream Strategy.’

The Challenge

Cutting Through the Digital Noise

Securing a client like the Hard Rock Casino was like finding a unique print in a stack of generic copies. In the digital age, where emails and online ads are the norms, I needed something tangible, something real, to make an impact.

The Bold Move

A Cool Idea on a Hot Vegas Day

I took a gamble, Las Vegas style. Armed with ice cream bars packed in dry ice, I set out to deliver not just a treat but also a message: In a world of digital saturation, the tactile, personal touch still reigns supreme.

The Execution

Delivering the Unexpected

As I walked through the casino, carrying a smoking box in the desert heat, I was the personification of ‘thinking outside the box.’ It was unconventional, maybe even a little bizarre, but it was unforgettable.

The Reception

Breaking the Ice

The receptionist’s initial shock turned to amusement as I unveiled the frosty contents. This moment transcended traditional sales tactics, bridging the gap between old-school charm and modern marketing flair.

The Impact

From a Cool Gesture to a Hot Opportunity

What started as a quirky idea quickly turned into a business discussion. The ice cream not only provided relief from the heat but also melted away the formalities, leading to my first quote request from the Hard Rock Casino.


The Takeaway

Embracing Creativity in a Digital World

This experience taught me a valuable lesson: In the printing industry, where digital strategies dominate, there’s still immense power in the personal, physical touch. It’s about blending the best of both worlds.


Standing Out in the Digital Era

As we navigate the competitive landscape of digital and print marketing, let’s not forget the power of a personal touch, of a creative approach that can turn a hot day into a cool opportunity.

Your Call to Action:

I’m curious about your stories. In this digital age, how have you used creativity to make a lasting impression in the printing industry? Share your experiences and let’s inspire each other!

For those ready to take this step into a more dynamic and profitable future, we are here to light the path. To discover how Impressorium can help integrate digital marketing into your printing business, I invite you to contact us today.


Embrace the change, lead the market, and let’s redefine the printing industry together.

About the Author:

Stephen M. Spilsbury, with his unmatched blend of over thirty years in commercial printing and digital marketing, is the CEO of Impressorium, Inc. His extensive knowledge fuels his passion to transform printing companies into the new normal selling process, he offers a unique perspective on integrating traditional and digital marketing techniques. For those looking to elevate their sales strategies, reach out to tap into his wealth of experience and revolutionize your sales approach.