If You Don’t Quote It, You Can’t Sell It: The Art of Effective Printing Sales

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In the competitive world of printing, where every customer has unique requirements and tight deadlines, one principle stands tall: “If you don’t quote it, you can’t sell it.” As a printing salesperson, your ability to provide accurate and timely quotes is crucial to closing deals and ensuring customer satisfaction. In this blog, we will explore the art of effective quoting and discuss how it can propel your sales success.

  1. Understanding Customer Needs:To provide an accurate quote, you must first understand your customer’s needs. Take the time to have a thorough conversation with them, asking the right questions to gather essential details. Understand the project specifications, desired materials, quantity, delivery timeline, and any additional requirements. By actively listening and empathizing with your customers, you can gather the necessary information to create a tailored quote that addresses their specific needs.
  2. Collaboration with Production Team:Your production team is an invaluable resource when it comes to providing accurate quotes. Establish a strong working relationship with them to understand the capabilities, limitations, and costs associated with different printing techniques, materials, and finishing options. Collaborate closely with your production team to ensure that the quotes you provide are both competitive and realistic in terms of production feasibility.
  3. Pricing Strategy:Developing a pricing strategy that strikes the right balance between competitiveness and profitability is essential. Consider factors such as material costs, labor, equipment usage, overheads, and desired profit margins. It’s important to account for any potential hidden costs or unexpected variables that may arise during the production process. By offering transparent and competitive pricing, you can build trust with your customers and increase the likelihood of securing their business.
  4. Timeliness and Responsiveness:
    In the fast-paced world of printing, time is of the essence. Responding promptly to quote requests demonstrates professionalism and a commitment to customer service. Ensure that you have efficient systems in place to manage quote requests, allowing you to provide accurate quotes within a reasonable timeframe. Strive to deliver quotes promptly, balancing speed with accuracy. If there are any delays or complexities, communicate openly with your customers to manage their expectations.
  5. Follow-Up and Personalization:Don’t underestimate the power of follow-up. In the printing industry, many customers require time to evaluate multiple quotes and make decisions. Stay engaged with your potential clients by following up on your quotes and addressing any additional questions or concerns they may have. Adding a personal touch by understanding their business and demonstrating how your services align with their goals can go a long way in building rapport and ultimately closing the sale.


As a printing salesperson, your ability to quote accurately, competitively, and in a timely manner is vital to your success. By understanding your customers’ needs, collaborating effectively with your production team, implementing a well-thought-out pricing strategy, being responsive, and personalizing your approach, you can enhance your chances of securing sales and fostering long-term customer relationships. Remember, “If you don’t quote it, you can’t sell it” – so embrace the art of effective quoting and propel your printing sales to new heights.


Happy selling!


Author Bio: Stephen M. Spilsbury


With an impressive career spanning over 40 years in the printing industry, Stephen M. Spilsbury is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience in sales and customer service. Throughout his extensive tenure, Stephen has become a true authority in understanding customer needs, providing accurate quotes, and cultivating lasting client relationships. His collaborative approach, working closely with production teams, ensures seamless project execution and exceptional results. Known for his unwavering commitment to timeliness, responsiveness, and personalized service, Stephen has established himself as a respected figure in the industry. As an esteemed author and advocate for effective printing sales, he shares his vast knowledge and insights to empower others to excel in this dynamic and competitive field.