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Meeting New Prospects During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a dramatic impact on how people conduct their business. We can no longer expect to simply close deals in-person or sales with the traditional handshake. This does not mean that you can no longer do business in person. Trust plays a significant role when it comes to closing deals. However, it is usually a challenge to establish trust with clients you haven’t worked with before. During this coronavirus crisis, you must be creative to keep your business running, get money in circulation and ensure your team and clients are safe.

Have A Plan

While working from home is an excellent option, it is not possible for localized printing companies wanting to grow their business. If you must meet with your client in person, both parties must take all the necessary safety cautions. They include wearing face masks, using alcohol-based hand sanitizers, and maintaining social distance. It is your duty to make sure that a high level of hygiene is maintained at the workplace to guarantee the safety of your customers. Afterall, your prospects are more likely to become your customers if their safety is guaranteed.

Find Alternative Ways to Conducting Meetings

While most people find it easier to trust relationships established in-person, these tough times require you to be proactive and more creative in ensuring safety for all. You can use video conferencing for existing or new clients. Not only is this a safe alternative, but it also saves time, effort, fuel, and health risks of travel. However, make sure you schedule an in-person meeting as early in the process as possible to avoid inconveniences.

Showing good body language through conference calls usually varies from in-person interactions, but it’s critical. Before getting on a video conference call, look at yourself and adjust where you must give your client the illusion of eye contact. You must also make sure you show up to the meeting on time, even though all you need to do is launch the video call.

Adapt to New Ways of Greeting People

Everyone is aware that hugs, kissing, and handshakes are no longer the norm. However, several alternative ways of greeting are still respectful, intentional, and warm. You can establish any new form of greeting and ensure that you put courteous signs that show no handshaking at the workplace at least during this time of COVID-19. Some of the suggested ways of greeting include waving, a salute, tapping your feet, touching elbows, namaste prayer hands, a bow of the head, or simply say hello.

Be Transparent to Your Prospects

Another way you can build trust with your customers is by being transparent. Ensure that you proactively communicate what is possible and what is not possible during this time of crisis. Nurturing reliability, trust, and consistency are crucial when dealing with any kind of crisis.